Solar LED Streetlight

  • Solar LED Street Lighting System (Dusk to Dawn).
  • High Power LED Street Light Luminere with DDC – 1 No.
  • IP65 category Robust High Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium Housing.
  • 3 days Power Backup for Non Sunny Days.
  • Charging and Low Battery Indicators – to indicate battery status.
  • Two step charge controller protects from over and deep discharging of battery.
  • Low Maintenance Lead Acid Tubular Plate Battery, Separate Galvanised Street Pole 4.5m and Battery Box.
Model NameSolar Module ( 1 No.)Solar Battery ( 1 No.)Luminere 12V
7W 12V 40Wp 12V 40Ah 7W
9W (MNRE Model) 12V 40Wp 12V 40Ah 9W
12W 12V 70Wp 12V 60Ah 12W
15W 12V 75Wp 12V 75Ah 15W
18W 12V 100Wp 12V 100Ah 18W