Solar CFL Lantern

  • Environment Friendly Substitute of Traditional Kerosene Lantern.
  • Solar PV Module 12V 8Wp / 10Wp.
  • SMF Battery – 12V 7Ah.
  • Optional : White LED for Night Lamp / Mobile Charging Facility.
  • Usage 3-4 Hrs on a Single Charge of 5.5 Hrs.
  • LED Indicators for charging and low battery to indicate the battery status.
  • Two step charge controller protects battery from over and deep discharging.

Solar CFL Home Light

  • 12V DC Packaged System which includes PV Module , Battery, Regulator, Luminere, Fan (optional) and accessories.
  • Mono / Poly Crystalline Solar PV Module.
  • Luminere with White LED for Night Lamp.
  • 3 days Power Backup for Non Sunny Days.
  • Charging and Battery Low indicators – to indicate status of the battery.
  • Two Step Charge Controller protects from over and deep discharging battery.
  • Low Maintenance Lead Acid Tubular Plate Battery.
  • MNRE/CPRI approved Model.
  • All the systems are consisting of the followings along with necessary Cable and accessories.
Model NameSolar Module ( 1 No.)Solar Battery ( 1 No.)CCR ( 1 No.)Luminere 12V 9WSolar Fan ( < 18W )
MNRE Model – 1 12V 20Wp 12V 20Ah 12V 6Amp 01 No. No
MNRE Model – 2 12V 40Wp 12V 40Ah 12V 6Amp 02 Nos. No
MNRE Model – 3 12V 75Wp 12V 75Ah 12V 10Amp 02 Nos. 01 No.
MNRE Model - 4 12V 75Wp 12V 75Ah 12V 10Amp 04 Nos. No
HLS Model Eco 12V 30Wp 12V 30Ah 12V 6Amp 02 Nos. No

Luminere PL 9/11

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) PL 9W/ 11W Luminere.
  • ABS weatherproof moulded cabinet.
  • Optional Night Lamp facility.
  • Imported anodized Aluminium Reflector.
  • High frequency quasi sine wave inverter provides more light output and long life of CFL Lamp.
  • Suitable for Wall Mounting.