Swastik Enterprises

Solar LED Lighting Products

LED Bulb

  • Power Consumption: 3W I 5W
  • Colour: Warm White I Cool White
  • Light Output: More than 120 Lumens / Watt
  • Powered by Nichia / Cree /  Epistar chips

LED Tube

  • ABS weatherproof molded cabinet.
  • White LED’s used for homogeneous spectrum.
  • Suitable for Wall Mounting/Ceiling
  • Integrates with 12V Solar Home Lighting System.

SP 03

  • 5Wp Solar PV Module.
  • DC Lamp I Torch I Home Lighting Kit with 4V 7.5Ah LEAD Acid Battery.
  • Suitable for use as a torch light or a search light

SP 04

  • 5W or 3.5W (Optional) Solar PV Module.
  • LED Light Kit with 4V 4Ah Battery.
  • Mobile Charging Facility.
  • AC charging cord included

SP 05

  • Solar LED Rechargeable Lamp
  • Suitable for use as a table lamp or a flash light.
  • 2 Way Dimming
  • High Power Solar Module.

SP 06

  • 3Wp Solar PV Module
  • 7V 4000mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • 2 Nos. LED Bulb
  • Sun Bank housing the battery and USB mobile charger

SP 07

  • 6Wp Solar PV Module
  • 7V 7200mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • 3 Nos LED hanging lights suitable for indoor lighting purposes

SP 15N

  • 6V 5Wp Solar PV Module.
  • LED Home Light Kit with 6V 4Ah SMF Battery.
  • 3 Nos. LED Bulb
  • Mobile Charging Facility

SP 9118

  • 5 Wp solar PV Module.
  • LED Home Light Kit with 4V2.5Ah Battery.
  • 2 Nos. LED Bulb
  • Mobile Charging Facility.

MNRE Models

  • 12V DC Packaged System includes PV Module , Battery, Regulator, LED Fixture and accessories
  • Mono / Poly Crystalline Solar PV Module
  • 3 days Power Backup for Non Sunny Days

Solar Magic Lantern

  • Environment friendly replacement of CFL Emergency Lantern / Kerosene Lamp and Imported rechargeable Emergency Lamps
  • Omni Directional homogeneous spectrum
  • Pleasant for Reading or Working with Antiglare Acrylic Diffuser

Solar LED Lantern 6V

  • 6V Solar LED Lantern with Super Bright LED’s
  • Solar PV Module 6V 3Wp or 5Wp (Optional)
  • SMF Battery – 6V 4Ah
  • Usage 4 – 6 hours on a single charge of 5.5 Hrs

Solar LED Streetlight

  • Solar LED Street Lighting System (Dusk to Dawn)
  • High Power LED Street Light Luminere with DDC – 1 No.
  • IP65 category Robust High Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium Housing